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Upgrade your faucets efficiently and effortlessly!

Are you limited by a normal single-function faucet? Experience this 360° Universal Faucet! You can now move the water flow from your faucet 360 degrees freely in the desired direction and angle, so you can make optimal use of the space in your sink. Super efficient in use and fits all standard kitchen faucets!

3 different modes

The 360° Universal Faucet is an innovative adapter that turns ordinary faucets into a versatile faucet. With this tool, you can set the faucet in 3 different modes to meet your cleaning and washing needs. Stream, spray or double aqua blade.

Simple installation and solid construction

Made from durable, high-quality materials, the 360° Universal Faucet is resistant to strong pressure and corrosion. There are no screws needed to install it, simply attach it to your faucet outlet and in less than 2 minutes it will be ready to use. It fits almost all standard faucets (standard size 20mm).



High quality ABS and stainless stee




G 20/<> standard connection (<>mm diameter)